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Thank you very much to Geraldine at Corralling Books for tagging me to do this! I love finding out more about book bloggers, and the person behind the screen (...okay, that sounds a little weird!), so I’m super excited to do this tag!

Vital Stats

Name: Denise
Nicknames: I don’t really have one? Sometimes Stephanie calles me Den, but apart from that, I don’t really have one! You can call me something short for Denise if you want, but it’s not really long enough to contract well, haha :D
Birthday: 27th March
Star Sign: Aries! Quick side note: How do you non-aries people manage when you’re reading any astrology things? Aries is always at the top, so it’s super easy to find. I can just read the top of the post, then carry on scrolling. Does it get really annoying, having to always hunt for your sign? *yelling* HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT?!
Occupation: I’m in high school! I don’t do any jobs, so maybe blogging counts as an occupation...?


Hair colour: Light brown! Some people say it’s blonde, but currently I would describe it as light brown. Sometimes when I’m camping, I do get a few blonde streaks from the sun, and I hate them!
Hair length: Super short! It probably now goes to just under my ears, but I’m hoping to get it cut super short again. I used to have really long hair (like down to my waist), but I plaited it, got it cut off, and donated it to charity, to make wigs for young girls with cancer! I like my short cut a lot more, as well as feeling good about donating my hair to a good cause ;)
Eye colour: Light brown, which maybe some gold specks in? Probably more like basic brown, haha
Best feature: Now this one is hard. Are we talking about appearance-wise? Because if so, I think my figure - I’m very tall, and quite slim with (I think!) nice curves. I feel weird saying this, though!
Braces: Nope! I never had, and I don’t think I ever will.
Piercings: I have single ear piercings in each ear, but I hardly ever wear earings. I’d love to get more though - I think when I’m older, I’d love to get more on my ear, and a nose ring! I also think eyebrow piercings look pretty cool ☺
Tattoos: NOT YET. But one day! I really want a tattoo... I don’t know what of though! I’m thinking maybe lyrics on the inside of my arm, or a beautiful floral design covering a thigh. I think tattoos are so beautiful!
Right or left handed: This is super weird, but I’m kind of both? Like, I write and brush my teeth and stuff with my right hand, but I do loads of other stuff with my left hand. I use the computer/mouse with my left hand, eat with a spoon with my left hand, and I’m left footed too!


Best friend: I can’t really remember this one, so I think I’ll just say my sister! We’re only 2 years apart in age (she’s younger than me), and we get on really well.
Award: This is a hard one! I did dance for around the first 8 years of my life, and I did loads of exams so probably that. I have a rainbow trophy to prove, too!
Sport: I think dancing or swimming!
Real holiday: When I was really young, I went to Portugal a few times - it was lovely!
Concert: I saw Ed Sheeran on his X World Tour - I had one of the best times of my life! I’m not really a big fan of Ed Sheeran any more, but at the time, I WAS THE BIGGEST FAN EVER. I have 2 t-shirts, all his albums on CD, and 2 posters as well. I was a fan way before he was famous - even before + came out!


Film: I don’t really have one! I love Turner and Hooch though... Hooch is the cutest dog, ever!
TV Show: DOCTOR WHO! I’m a proud whovian! However, I didn’t love the most recent series. I found the plot too predictable, and I’m not loving Peter Capaldi as the doctor too. I’m glad Clara’s going though! The first series was definitely the best, and the 9th Doctor is definitely my favourite.
Colour: For ages, I said I didn’t have a favourite colour, but now I think it’s black. (The absence of colour, of course)
Song: Okay, this is the hardest question ever. Am I allowed to pick 50? I think it might be Lie Awake by Creeper (my favourite band, gah, they’re so cool). I have a ‘favourites’ playlist on Spotify, so you can check that out here:
Restaurant: This is a hard one! I don’t have a favourite, but there’s loads of small cafes near me which are lovely ☺
Shop: B&M! If you’re British, you’ll know the greatness of this shop. It’s a HUGE chain shop, where they sell pretty much everything really cheaply. It’s more stuff instead of food, but they sell the cheapest sweets ever! I know I can always find a really great bargain there.
Books: Why, why, WHY are you asking me this, and why do you expect me to be able to answer it?! I have so many: Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; and Under My Skin are a few of them. You can check out all of my favourites on my goodreads shelf here.
Shoes: None! I hate wearing shoes, because I have really wide feet. I find most really uncomfortable, so I like to go bare foot around the house. If I have to choose, I’d probably say my slippers! (which I’m wearing as we speak)


Feeling: Content! We’ve just taken my dog on a walk in the sun, so now I’m just relaxing with some left-over Easter chocolate ;)
Single or Taken: Single!
Eating: Some Easter chocolate - a chocolate orange aka THE NICEST CHOCOLATE EVER. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t have it in their country - I adore this chocolate! :D
Thinking about: How much I hate pop music (the radio is on, and I’ve been hating practically every song that’s been on)
Watching: I’m not watching anything right this minute, but at the moment I’m watching Shadowhunters, which is so good! I know loads of people have been saying they’re hating it, but I’m actually really enjoying it. I’m looking forward to every Wednesday, when there’s a new episode!
Wearing: Leggings, a top, and a hoodie. Not very interesting, but comfy!


Children: Nope. Never. I would not want the responsibility of looking after someone that intensely, and I don’t think I would be able to do it. Pushing soemthing that big out of me would hurt so much too! Also, I hate kids #sorrynotsorry
Marriage: Noo! No way! I do not ever want that level of comitment, and marriage means nothing to me anyway. It doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever, and (imo) is just a waste of money.
Careers: I have no idea. Maybe something to do with music, art, or design? I’d love to do blogging as a career, but I’m not sure if that would be possible. Being a music journalist would be amazing! I’d love to work in publishing as well. Or something to do with space.
Where you want to live: A big city! If it was going to be in the UK, then definitely London because of all the book events. New York or Chicago look amazing too!

Do you believe in...?

God: No. I’ve had the experience of religion, and I don’t think it’s for me. I find it hard to believe, sorry.
Miracles: No (same reason for not believing in God)
Love at first sight: Nope! (I’m starting to sound very cynical here). I think someone can like another person based on first sight, but I don’t think you can fall in love with someone by only seeing them once.
Ghosts: No! I’m really good with stuff like this, in the sense that I can watch/read any horror stuff, and it doesn’t affect me at all afterwards.
Aliens: Hell yeah! The universe is infinite, so do you really believe that there is only one planet - Earth - that has life on? Definitely not! There must be life out there, somewhere!
Soul mates: I’m not sure... I think yeah! I think that some people are made for each other, and naturally get on a lot better. This doesn’t have to be romantically, but I do think that some people just suit each other so well.
Heaven/hell: No. I’m an atheist, so I believe that death is the end.
Kissing on the first date: If both people want to, then why not? I haven’t been on a date, so I can’t speak from experience, but I don’t see why not.
Yourself: This is a really hard one for me, and I’m honestly not sure. There are times when I believe in myself, but at the moment, I honestly don’t know if I do.

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