An Open Letter to David Walliams


To David Walliams,

You used to be funny. I used to think of you as a charming, kind children’s author who didn’t take himself too seriously. The gay, camp act was funny at first. It was refreshing to see a man on TV who wasn’t so protective of his masculinity, and who didn’t feel the need to defend his heterosexuality every minute. But pretending to be gay is not the solution to this.

Just to say: I am a gay woman. I am a lesbian. You are not pretending to be a lesbian, but you are pretending to be me. My sexuality is not a choice; my sexuality is not a joke. It is not a long running gag for you - an unoriginal comedian, who has no better jokes to further your career than to ridicule an already tough life of a marginalized group of society.

I am angry because you can get away with it, because you are straight. If a gay man did this, it would not get the same response. If I just mention my future wife, it’s not funny, it’s a “we get it, you’re gay” moment. If a gay man was to act turned on by male acrobats, it would be “weird” and “unnatural” and “inappropriate for children to watch”. David Walliams, you shouldn’t be able to get away with it if we can’t.

It’s just not funny. Queer people have struggled for years to simply live without being harassed for being ourselves. We’re still discriminated in pretty much every aspect of our life, so it’s much too soon to make jokes about it. Being the butt of your jokes and being made to feel like a laughing stock hurts.

Love, a 15 year old lesbian, who has been ridiculed one too many times to laugh it off.

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