The Queer Books That Have Helped Me


Books have always helped me in ways that are almost indescribable; the power of literature is one that is so great, especially for someone struggling with their identity. When I first realised I was queer, something that really helped me was reading about characters that had been through similar situations. Here are some of the books that helped me the most:

The Mortal Instruments

While this series isn’t necessarily queer, it’s been one of the most important books me. A very close friend and I were big fans, and we talked about it a lot together - in particular, Magnus and Alec (a canon m/m couple). At the time, I didn’t really know this was how I felt, but after a while, having the knowledge that people I cared about weren’t homophobic was very comforting. I was still absolutely petrified of coming out, but at least I had the knowledge that I wasn’t going to be hurt by my closest friends for being gay.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Everyone always says that this is such an important book, and I can completely understand why. It’s an endearing and charming story - so I can completely see why everyone loves it! - but that’s not the reason why it’s so special to me. When Simon told his family he was gay, they were all accepting, welcoming, and supportive, which gave me the confidence boost I needed. Coming out stories that tell rejection and heartbreak are necessary and so important, but happy ones are equally as needed, and this is proof of that.

Our Own Private Universe

I read this one pretty recently (when I was out), but it’s still just as important to me as all the others. This was the first book I read where two girls unashamedly just fancy each other! The way that Aki feels about Christa made me realise that it’s okay to feel that way. It also taught me a lot about safe lesbian sex (because there isn’t enough information about it) and what it’s like being bisexual.

If you're queer, which books have helped you the most? June is pride month, so any recommendations for queer books are welcome! How have books helped you in other aspects of your life?