About Me

Hello there! First of all - thank you for stumbling along my blog, and taking the time to read what I write. I really do appreciate it. I'm Denise, and I'm a teenager from the UK. Aside from reading, I'm a big fan of music: I play the clarinet, so you can always find me humming whichever piece I'm playing at the moment!

My book taste is ever changing - like everything in my life at the moment. I used to be a huge fantasy junkie (so you'll see me talk about that a lot in my older posts!), but now I think my favourite books are general adult fiction and books about LGBT+ people. I love watching shows too - currently my favourite is Sense8.

Aside from those, a big passion of mine is animals. I'm a vegetarian (and in the process of becoming vegan!) and a huge fighter of animal rights and environmental issues. I have a dog called Bruno - he's a cappuccino Labradoodle and the love of my life. I'm a proud feminist and social justice warrior, so you'll find me on Twitter talking about injustices and trying to spread my leftist views!

I'm always up for meeting new people, so if you ever want to have a chat about anything, you know where I am! You can find all of my details on how to contact me (for review requests too) on the Contact Me tab at the top.