Do you Read More of a Particular Diverse Theme?


Conversations is a brand new, discussion based meme hosted at Corralling Books and Fiddler Blue, which aims to provoke discussion posts on various themes. This month’s theme is Popular Issues, and today’s topic is on reading more of a certain intersection of diverse books.

Are there any particular diverse books you read more and why?

As soon as I saw today’s question, I immediately knew the answer: LGBT+ books. I find all aspects of diversity equally important and interesting, but I find having LGBT+ characters make the book feel loads more original (to me, anyway). Romance features in pretty much every (popular) YA book, so when the romance is different, it sets book apart from the crowd.

I find the dynamics of a gay couple a lot more interesting. Because of the prejudice faced for being queer (and potentially even more for the gender of the characters e.g. a lesbian relationship, or non-binary people), it’s a very different relationship to a heterosexual one. There’s literally an abundance of heterosexual romances, and you can literally find every type of m/f romance - if you’re willing to have a little dig - but that’s certainly not the case for gay romance. Every gay romance is different, so I read more of it because I know it will be completely original, as the dynamics of the relationship changes everything.

However, I find books about POC and different cultures extremely interesting too, and I’m trying to branch out to read more of these. I think I have the least experience in this field (I’m white British, from a town where the majority of people are the same), so I’m learning more about all the other cultures. It’s very interesting to me because I have no idea about all of the customs and traditions, so although I don’t read these books the most, I am trying to!

Are there any diverse books you read more of? What are some recommendations for books with POC and different cultures?

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