Top Five Friday #12: Favourite Ships


Top Five Friday is a meme hosted at Katieemay which lists our top 5 choices based on a bookish theme


Okay, yes, this topic definitely had to be done (with potential spoilers below). I’m a massive fangirl at heart, and a big shipper, so it would be impossible to do a list meme without including ships. Warning: massive rambles and extreme fangirling...

1. Wessa (Will and Tessa) from The Infernal Devices

They’re just so dreamy together! Although their love story gets a bit twisted, and doesn’t go to plan for most of the series, they have a happy ending and I’m so grateful for that. They deserve to be happy together, and the way they talk about books to each other makes me so happy!

2. Warnette (Juliette and Warner) from the Shatter Me Trilogy

The reason I like Warner and Juliette together so much is because of the way they fix each other. I like both of their personalities much more when they’re together because they spark off each other and are much nicer people who are much more enjoyable to read about. And the Warnette scenes in Ignite Me...*swoons*

3. Nathan and Gabriel from the Half Bad Trilogy

This is quite an unknown series, and it’s not completed yet, so the ship isn’t canon *cries* (yet!), and we don’t have a ship name. If they aren’t together in the last book in the series (Half Lost, set to come out in March 2016) I will cry for eternity. They must be together, they must...

4. Mara and Noah from the Mara Dyer Trilogy

Anyone who has ever known me will know that this is my favourite series ever. Mara and Noah are one of my favourite ships because of the way they are when they’re together. I like them both as individuals, but when they’re together they spark off each other so well, and are just so cute together... *squeals!*

5. Malec (Magnus and Alec) from The Mortal Instruments

Malec will always be my true OTP - I have shipped them for so long, and the amount of official fanfiction (read The Bane Chronicles - it’s just the best thing ever) we have is unbelievable. They fit together so well, and the way they make each other realise that they are loved is the cutest.

Who are your favourite ships? I'd love to know below!

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  1. Oh my goshh yes!! Tessa and Will they are so good together! :D Though I mentally want to hit Will in the head sometimes for feeling that he doesn't deserve to be loved =_= But seriously their book chemistry xD & For Waren and Juliette in the beginning of the book series I straight out hated him but on the last 2 books when we got to know him, it felt like he was a completely different person and you are right they are pretty good together cause they just balance each other out! Juliette and Adam though just seriously lost their spark throughout the book series .-.

    1. Yes!! Will is so precious, can't he just understand that everyone ever absolutely adores him? I hated Warner in the first 2 as well, but in Unravel Me I realised that I love him, and hate Adam. I really liked Adam in the first book, yet now I hate him! I don't want Juliette to end up with anyone else now :)

      Thanks for the comment


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