Top Five Friday #2: Book Boyfriends


Top Five Friday is a meme hosted at Katieemay which lists our Top 5 choices based on a bookish theme


This Friday's Top 5 Friday is going to be book boyfriends (as you have probably already guessed by the title!). This will be a really hard one for me - there are just too many fictional crushes! This list will be in no order. because come on, that's just too hard for me to decide. 

Patch Cipriano from the Hush Hush Saga.

I have chosen Patch because he's just perfect. He's so sweet to Nora, yet horrible to everyone else (which is definitely a characteristic I look for... don't judge!). And he manages to save Nora from all the situations she manages to get herself into, and puts up with her super annoying personality! His looks too... He ticks all the boxes. 

Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices

I'm sure everyone reading this right now will love Will. He likes books. Yes, I repeat, he likes books. That's everything sorted. We're going to marry. 

(And he's also super sweet and caring and so lovely!)

Dorian from the Throne of Glass series

You may have noticed a slight theme here but... guess what? He likes books! I think this is really important in a man because what will happening if he doesn't understand why we have to read instead of go out? My soulmate definitely needs to understand the life of a fangirl. And Dorian is so kind and caring, yet still being funny and sarcastic at times. He just has everything. He is perfect, okay?

Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars

I wasn't going to include Augustus in this post, but when I was looking at my shelf, deciding who I was going to include, I just couldn't bear to leave him out. He's just so funny and caring to Hazel, I definitely need that in my life. And he offered to write her a sequel to her favourite book...
I'm sold.

Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices

I know I've already included a character from this series, but I just couldn't bear to leave Jem out. He's so caring and selfless, I just melt when I read about him! Seriously, who doesn't love him...?

That's it for my book boyfriends! I fangirled so much while writing this post, my laptop nearly fell off the bed...

*makes fangirling noises*
*thinks about the book boyfriends*

Who are your Book Boyfriends? Let me know in the comments!

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