Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer


The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
By Michelle Hodkin

Source: Personal purchase, paperback,
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Romance, 

Goodreads Synopsis:

Mara Dyer believes life can't get any stranger than waking up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there.
It can. 

She believes there must be more to the accident she can't remember that killed her friends and left her strangely unharmed. 
There is.

She doesn't believe that after everything she's been through, she can fall in love. 
She's wrong.

My Review:

I loved this book so much. The beginning, middle, and end were all fantastic - I enjoyed all parts of the story, and was truly hooked throughout. 

The beginning captured school life really well. Being a school student, I can safely say that this is really similar to real life! If only we all had a friend as funny as Jamie... The awkwardness was spot on too. I am really clumsy, just like Mara, so I could really relate to when she tripped!

I was disappointed in the ending because I guessed the plot. To me, it was really obvious from the start of the book, but I didn't mind - the story was still really enjoyable. The only problem was that when it was the build up to the ending, I didn't feel at all excited because I knew what was coming. I think in this sense we should have been kept in the dark a little to make it feel like a more dramatic plot twist.

The book was perfectly paced, keeping me gripped during the whole book. Although the plot didn't progress much, I didn't mind (there is slow burning romance!). Michelle Hodkin definitely knows which scenes to perfectly describe, and which to leave out so we don't get bored. I was interested because I cared about the characters, and I was genuinely concerned for them (which doesn't normally happen in books like this!). 

Mara Dyer was a great lead. Although she wasn't very strong-minded, which I usually look for in characters, she was witty and sharp, and more like a real person. Because this story is set in the current world, she fitted perfectly, and was a surprisingly accurate portrayal of teenages today. 

Noah was a bit too boring for me. Although his character alone wasn't dull, he has been done so many times before in YA books, I just knew what was coming with him. I felt that the author should have made him more original here, by maybe making have a weaker side, or being considerably different around Mara. I did like him, I just didn't feel like he was different, which he was intended to be. 

Overall, this book was beautiful. I know it will linger in my mind for a while yet (or until the next book arrives, which I have ordered!), and the characters will stay with me forever. I know this is going to be one of my new favourite series: I would have read it in one sitting if I could. Hopefully the rest of the trilogy lives up to the greatness of the first book!

My reaction:


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  1. I should just go ahead and do what EVERYONE is telling me and read this book, shouldn't I? I love a story that captures school life well. (Have you ever noticed how many YA characters NEVER do homework? HOW?) And your experience with the ending does sound less-that stellar, but maybe I won't guess the plot twist? Someday I'll get to this book. SOMEDAY.

    1. Thanks for the comment! This book actually features homework, which the main character actually does! I think you should definitely read this book - it's SO good, and if you like books like Hush Hush I think you'd love it.


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