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Over the past year, I’ve been watching a lot more YouTube. There’s such a diverse range of content makers, so there really is something for everyone! I watch a huge mix of people - obviously, I watch a lot of BookTube and feminists, but I also really like make-up, travel, and lifestyle vloggers!


I can’t think of anyway to describe Leena’s channel apart from fucking hilarious. In my head, I like to think that Leena and I would be best friends, because we have so much in common! She sometimes talks about books (and I really trust everything she recommends!), but mostly she just talks about politics, feminism, and sex. If ever I need cheering up, Justkissmyfrog is the channel I go to straight away, because Leena is just so funny!

Ash Hardell

Ash is probably the YouTuber I watch most. They’ve got such a bubbly and sweet personality, and they also talk about such important issues in such a caring way. Them and Grace are honestly relationship goals (except for me and my girlfriend, of course!), because they care for each other so much. If you’re queer, then I know you will find them refreshing, and if you’re straight, you’ll learn how to be a better ally!

Lucy the Reader

I think my most favourite booktuber has to be Lucy. Her videos are always so calm - from the general aesthetic and editing, to the way Lucy talks about books, so I love watching her videos on a chilled out Sunday morning. She reads and champions books that might not have necessarily been ones on my radar, so it’s great getting to broaden my horizons!

George Lester

In my fictional friendship circle, George and I would definitely be best friends too. This might sound odd, but watching his videos makes me feel like I’m getting a warm hug. His voice and genuine enthusiasm for the books he’s talking about makes me so genuinely happy, and the way he talks to the camera feels so personal. If ever I’m feeling lonely, I know George’s channel will cheer me up.


I wear makeup, and I like wearing makeup, but I don’t spend a lot of time doing it, and I don’t spend much money on it either. I’d say Enya is mostly a makeup vlogger, but she also does other comedy sketches, and just general lifestyle stuff! I think she’s really funny, and her makeup always looks amazing, so I trust the advice she’s giving!

Book’s Buzz

Alex is one of my closest friends from Twitter, so it would be impossible for her not to feature on this list! We have such similar opinions on things, so I trust her book recommendations so much! I love the angles she takes on issues, but also her charisma comes through in all her videos. Watching her channel makes me feel so happy, so if you’re feeling down, you should totally check out her videos!

Arielle Sarcella

Arielle makes me SCREAM with laughter. She is so funny - I’ve always casually stalked her without fully subscribing because most of her videos are about being gay, and I wasn’t ready to come out yet, but now I have told people, I can fully embrace my love for her. It’s so great to be able to see someone make jokes about being lesbian, for queer people, in a society where everything is so heteronormative. If you’re queer, then I really think you will enjoy her videos.

Honourable Mentions:

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