My Unpopular Bookish Opinions


I like to think of myself as a bit of a black sheep when it comes to my favourite books and my reading habits - I often see people raving about books that I didn’t like, or that I don’t want to read! I feel like more recently, more people have shared their unpopular opinions, but I still feel like there’s some things that haven’t been discussed as much. Hopefully I won’t be alone in some of these views!

Books I didn’t enjoy


I feel like I’m the only person in the entire community who doesn’t like this series. Everyone calls out Throne of Glass for lacking in diversity, but what about this series? I’m really not excited for the release of ACOWAR because I know everyone will be talking about how much they love the series, and I’ll just feel really left out! I really don’t rate this series at all, and I don’t know why everyone else does. It’s so problematic, which you can read more about in my review of A Court of Mist and Fury here.

Never Never

I’m not sure about the general opinion on this one, but I know that I really hated these books. To me they just seemed so pointless? Nothing really seemed to happen, and to me, the plot seemed really unoriginal. I’d read a few books by Colleen Hoover, but none before from Taryn Fisher - I don’t want to read one from either again.

History is All You Left Me

I think I might be the only person on the planet who didn’t enjoy this, which I’m really disappointed about. By the synopsis, this book sounds perfect for me (and the main character basically could be me) - a gay protagonist with OCD? That’s everything I look for in a book! I’m so sad I didn’t enjoy this, but I just feel like it was melodramatic and unnecessary. I don’t usually like books about grief, and this reminded me why.

'Weird' reading habits

I listen to music whilst I’m reading

I never used to think this was weird, but it turns out most people don’t! I’m really good at multi-tasking, so I think that explains it. I don’t just listen to instrumental music, or quiet relaxing songs - I love punk and indie rock, so I like listening to my favourite bands whilst I’m reading! For me, it helps create the right atmosphere too.

I annotate my books

Scrawling all over my books makes them mine. When I’m reading, I have lots to say about the books - so why not write what I’m thinking? I usually write in my favourite books, and those are the ones I re-read, so it’s nice to see what I thought the first time around. I can also write really nicely in cursive, which means it doesn't make the pages too messy!

Do you do any of these things? Or do you have any weird reading habits like me? Help me feel less alone!

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